Adriano Mannino is leaving the Effective Altruism Foundation

During the last four years, Adriano Mannino helped found and grow the effective altruist movement in the German-speaking area. As a co-founder of the Effective Altruism Foundation (EAF), he was the main creative mind behind many of our activities. For those who worked with him, he is an inspiring colleague and philosopher who introduced them to new ways of understanding and changing the world. Without his visionary personality, EAF and the effective altruism movement in the German-speaking area would not have experienced such rapid growth over the past years.

Last week, the board accepted his resignation as its president and member. Multiple considerations were relevant to the decision, including strategic differences between Adriano and our management, his plans to focus on research and writing in the future, and the avoidance of conflicts of interest resulting from new projects he aims to co-found. After thorough deliberation, we concluded that working on separate projects will be most effective to achieve our shared goal of reducing the suffering of all sentient beings. We are very grateful for Adriano’s crucial contributions to our organization and the effective altruism movement, and wish him all the best for his personal and professional future.

Going forward, Tobias Pulver and Ruairí Donnelly will continue to lead EAF as our co-executive directors. We see this as an opportunity to improve our organization and movement even further and are excited to continue collaborating with you!


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